Isaac Reckitt

Isaac Reckitt

The original contract of 1819

The handwritten contract between the millwrights and the Reckitt brothers, describing how the windmill will be constructed, is reproduced below. The original documents survive in the ownership of the Waterfield family.

The partnership of Norman and Smithson was responsible for building several fine tower mills in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire in the 19th century. Maud Foster Windmill is now the only complete survivor. The millwrights' quoted price was twelve hundred pounds, excluding the brickwork - a princely sum even in those days, but thoroughly justified because the mill was clearly built to last!

Thomas Reckitt`

Thomas Reckitt

First page of mill contract

Second page of mill contract

The first page of the contract, dated March 19th 1819, lists the various elements of the mill: brickwork; wood; iron; brasses; millstones and glazier work. The second page sets out the instalments by which the millwrights wish to be paid: £300 when the brick tower has been built; £300 when the cap has been put on; £300 when the axle (windshaft) has been installed and £300 when the mill is finished.

Two final paragraphs, dated 10th and 16th July 1819 and written by Robert Smithson, confirm that stage payments had indeed been received!

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